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120mmSan Mai Petty x 180mm Gyuto set

120mmSan Mai Petty x 180mm Gyuto set

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Knife Type : Gyuto + Petty

- Blade Length :Gyuto 180mm, Petty 120mm

- Total Length : Gyuto 305mm, Petty 230mm

- Weight : Gyuto 102g, Petty 52g

- Blade Edge : 50/50

Very light restoration 

Ok so here is a pretty cool set! 120mm Petty and 180mm Gyuto that have been sharpened up to 3000 grit and finished on leather. They are both Aus-8 stainless San Mai, both with their original handles that have been polished up and finished with beeswax and orange oil to seal and treat the wood. 

These knives need to be treated with love and care and should never be washed in a dishwasher or left in a sink.

After use wipe clean with a soapy rag and hot water and then thoroughly dry it. If this knife is going to be hanging around for a long time in between uses, I would suggest putting some mineral oil on it for something to protect the steel

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