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300mm Aogami 2 Sujihiki

300mm Aogami 2 Sujihiki

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Knife Type : Sujihiki

- Blade Length : 300mm 

- Total Length : 460mm 

- Weight : 180g

- Blade Edge : 50/50

- New

This here is a beautiful brand new 300 mm Aogami 2 Sujihiki from blacksmith Tosa Kajiya. The blade is a 50/50 bevel and it's been sharpened on a whetstone from 1000-3000 then finished on a leather strop.
This knife needs to be treated with love and care and should never be washed in a dishwasher or left in a sink.
After use wipe this knife clean with a soapy rag and hot water and then thoroughly dry it. If this knife is going to be hanging around for a long time in between uses, I would suggest putting some mineral oil on it for something to protect the steel

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